Who We Are

The home of free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, limited government and a strong defense...welcome to the Norfolk Republican Party!

We are the party of conservative fiscal policy, a strong defense and low taxes that help stimulate a vibrant economy, providing employment and opportunities for all Americans to achieve their own version of the American dream


Global Competitiv...

American businesses face high taxes that reduce their competitiveness relative to businesses from other countries around the world. A high corporate tax rate gives businesses incentive to hide revenue overseas, move overseas entirely, and reduce US investment. Reducing the corporate tax rate will reduce this steady flow of assets out of the country and hopefully protect American wealth and jobs. Reforming our corporate tax system is a necessity if we want to keep our businesses and our country competitive internationally.


The Best Teachers

No matter what we try to do to fix our education system, we need good teachers. Many highly qualified and passionate teachers do great things for our students already in the classroom, but teachers unions, bad regulations, and the “first in, first out” policy often protect the few disaffected teachers still in our system. We need a system to find these teachers and offer them ways to improve or replace them. The baseline for a good education is a good teacher.


Free Exercise

Religious persecution in Great Britain and across Europe is what convinced many colonists to make the risky journey to America. After independence, the United States doubled down on religious freedom and proclaimed in the first amendment that the federal government may not establish any state sponsored religion or prohibit the free exercise of any religious belief. Throughout our history, we have seen the principle of religious freedom violated and abused. Moving forward, we must remember how crucial it is to our national identity and political culture.


A Unified Hemisphere

The United States already has strong ties with most nations in the Western Hemisphere, but our commitment to them can always grow stronger. Whether through partnerships to combat drug trafficking or to protect trade relationships, we need to consider strong ties with the Americas as a top priority. In cooperation with our other democratic allies, we need to put surmountable pressure on the governments of Cuba and Venezuela to end the oppression of their peoples and allow free and fair elections.